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SOCI’s Advance Care Planning Initiative:

Systems of Care Initiative (SOCI) is a community based non-profit organization that is providing advance care planning to people in Larimer and & Weld County.

Physicians, facilities and people can refer individuals for advance care planning in their home with the goal of documenting the person’s wishes for their end of life and signing a medical power of attorney form.

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Call 970-449-6840 or email coaches@socicoaching.com to schedule a visit with a SOCI coach and create your advance care Directives.


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Virtual Visits Available

Click here for step by step instruction for virtual visits.

Services Included

  • Discussion of Medical Power of Attorney, Living Will, CPR Directive, 5 Wishes
  • Assisting with documenting your values and end of life wishes
  • Notarizing Documents
  • Communication of your forms to your medical providers and area hospitals
  • Education of medical terms and life sustaining treatment options
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Why a Medical Power of Attorney is Necessary
for Even Healthy People

IN COLORADO, STATE LAW DOESN’T RECOGNIZE A DEFAULT MEDICAL DECISION MAKER, NOT EVEN YOUR SPOUSE OR PARENT for people over the age of 18. Everyone over the age of 18 needs a Medical Durable Power of Attorney form to designate a medical decision maker in case of an accident or loss of consciousness. Most people assume that responsibility defaults to a spouse later in life, but that is not the case in Colorado. (Parents are the default medical decision makers for children less than 18.)

Should an adult become incapacitated in an accident or in any way rendered unable to communicate to express their wishes with respect to medical care, a Medical Durable Power of Attorney (MPOA) allows the patient’s chosen person, and only that person (known as the healthcare agent) to be the person to make medical decisions for that patient.

Call to schedule a visit with a SOCI coach: (970) 449-6840

What is Advance Care Planning?

Advanced care planning is preparing for future medical needs while an individual is healthy and able to make all decisions for him or herself. A key part of that planning is preparing an advance care directive, which is a written statement documenting an individual’s wishes in terms of future medical decisions, for use in the event that the individual cannot speak or otherwise communicate.